The Company

Wecould not understand SCORPYUS FRUITS without knowing its origins. The illusion, effort and dedication that a group of men of "la Huerta marciana", a store manager and a farmer had in middle of 1944.
They created using the base of their names Rubio and Pino, an exporting lemons, oranges and granades COMPANY, RUPI SL. Their work, seriousness and a top quality product allowed them to reach inaccessible markets in those times such as Russia, in a period where the harvest still was made with horse pulled carts.
From this experience and especially from the illusion of that group of people of "la Huerta" SCORPYUS FRUITS was born in the 90's as we know it nowadays, a company with the same 1944 firm foundations but adapted to the current times, with an important qualified human capital, making in the commitment of its agreements, quality and competitiveness its pillars.
There is no better guarantee or presentation letter, that the years we have been commercializing our products and their diverse brands along Europe and the domestic market, with the initial illusion and with a continuos growth that allows us to be more competitive without forgetting what really matters, a good service and a better product. Thank you for keep on trusting us.